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StaffView 3.0
build 100517 with multi-culture support, custom attribute mapping to AD, traditional chart, enhanced search, iPhone support, Vista/Windows 7 desktop gadget

SpeedCheck 5.5
build 70715 with custom parameters and force upload support

WebCheck 2.0
build 81117 with
proxy and NTLM support

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  SpeedCheck Pro - Online Units Conversion and Transfer Calculator

Units Conversion on speed and storage (Free): Convert units (unit conversion) on Mbps, MB/sec, Kbps, KB/sec, MB, KB, Mb, Kb.

For example:
1 Mbps =1000 Kbps =0.125 MB/sec = 125 KB/sec

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File Transfer Time Taken Calculator (Free) : Calculate how long it takes to transfer X MB file on a Y Mbps Network.

For example: cable modem with average speed (not maximum bandwidth) of 3.5 Mbps (download), it will take 4.57 sec to download a 2 MB powerpoint.

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SpeedCheck (Demo and Trial): for measuring the connection speed (throughput) between the installed server and the client, based on real file transfer.

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