What's New?
StaffView 3.0
build 100517 with multi-culture support, custom attribute mapping to AD, traditional chart, enhanced search, iPhone support, Vista/Windows 7 desktop gadget

SpeedCheck 5.5
build 70715 with custom parameters and force upload support

WebCheck 2.0
build 81117 with
proxy and NTLM support

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  Customers Say
"Great software, simple interface. Runs on FreeBSD. Server requirements for Apache, php and Mysql versus other "agent endpoint" or Java."

Steven L.
Skyytel Ltd.

  StaffView Pro
Org Chart Software and Employee Directory Automation tool

OrgChart and Org Chart solutionStaffView Pro
is a professional Org Chart Software and Employee Directory Automation software designed for any company who would like to automate the employee contacts on the Intranet.

What's new in v3.0? Release Notes - More Screenshots

8 Languages iPhone Support Windows Gadget

Client: StaffView integrates with Outlook, Sharepoint and Intranet. It helps your employees to search for contacts and visualize the organization chart. It is the employee directory web application solution.

Server: StaffView imports data directly from Active Directory, there is no database to maintain. Webmasters do not have to worry about out of date data. It runs on IIS using ASP.NET.

"I must say that I'm very impressed with the service provided by your company." Derick Z., Adelphia

StaffView Pro generates Employee Directory Org Chart in 3 formats (Tree, Chart and Table) from XML or Active Directory LDAP. Using latest web technology AJAX in auto suggest to make search easy. Check out Free Employee Directory demostration.

StaffView Pro comes with scheduling tool to help automate the data importing process. StaffView Pro also let companies without Active Directory to use XML to store the employee directory data. It comes with Web Services API for developing your own applications. Click for StaffView Pro product information.
  SpeedCheck Pro
SpeedCheck is bandwidth testing and throughput measurement tool

Sample of demostration on Internet Voip speed testSpeedCheck Pro
is an Internet speedtest and speed test software to measure Throughput connection speed between the installed server and client. It is also known as broadband speed test or speed testing software.

Client: Without installing any software on client's machine (standard Java Virtual Machine is needed), Internet speed test software SpeedCheck Pro checks your broadband speed tester and enables IT Departments, ISP, streaming providers Voip speedtest to achieve DSL Speed Test result. Internet Speed Test and broadband connection Test software.

Server: SpeedCheck Pro runs on commonly used server side technology PHP or ASP.NET.

"It works great. It gives us the ability to provide a speed test to our customers and our technicians." Mark E., IHateToWait.com

SpeedCheck Pro is a web based software for Internet speed testing which is designed for broadband internet to measure throughput over the available bandwidth, supporting upload and download. Check out Free Speedtest demostration.

SpeedCheck enables your on-site technicians to check the both upstream and downstream speed at customers site to ensure proper installation with the right throughput. It may be also used for Voip Speedtest. Click for SpeedCheck Pro product information.

For Professional: Designed for IT departments, media companies, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and web based speed testing portals. It enables on-site technicians or customers to check the data transfer throughput of the installed Internet connection. SpeedCheck Pro is for broadband and supports both upstream and downstream measurement.
  WebCheck Pro
Form Building Software, Campaign Management Software

Sample of html form builder on contact management systemWebCheck Pro
is the solution to many web application owners on "How to schedule
a task to call a webpage?"

A console application that is designed to schedule to run any server side scripts and to monitor web pages/files. It can also be used as data downloader and connection speed tester.

"It solved the problem of our complicated reports generating and we can update the web application cache every 30 min." K.L., Company not disclosed

What is the advantage of using WebCheck Pro? WebCheck Pro is a professional software designed for web applications where web pages need to be scheduled to run. It has been used by mission critical web applications for data pre-caching, content update trigger, data importer and file downloader.

With support for Basic HTTP and Windows Authentication / SSL / Non-standard port, it makes scheduling task more secure. WebCheck is also designed to be used as web pages/files monitor, and the build-in notification module sends out email whenever server is down or file cannot be found

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